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PuffBuddy™ Pro Pipe Lighter

PuffBuddy™ Pro Pipe Lighter

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Your Best Lighter

Prepare to be amazed by the exceptional quality and outstanding specifications of this ultimate lighter, destined to be the final one you'll ever need. Meticulously engineered, it combines a versatile smoking pipe with a compact design, showcasing the pinnacle of innovation. This ingenious device offers a plethora of benefits, making it an absolute essential for those who relish smoking while on the move.


At the forefront of its benefits, this all-in-one lighter and smoking pipe offers unmatched convenience. The clever fusion of two crucial smoking accessories into a single compact unit eradicates the burden of carrying multiple items individually. Experience true portability, enabling you to enjoy your smoking moments at any place, anytime, without the inconvenience of rummaging for your lighter or packing a separate pipe.

Effortless Functionality

Experience the epitome of effortless functionality with the seamless integration of a smoking pipe within the lighter. Packing the pipe is a breeze, effortlessly transitioning from ignition to smoking, guaranteeing a consistently enjoyable smoking experience without requiring any additional tools or assembly. Embrace the simplicity and delight in every smoke without hassle.

Maximum Privacy

Exuding remarkable discretion, the PuffBuddy™ Pro boasts a design tailored for subtlety. Its compact size facilitates effortless concealment, making it the perfect choice for individuals valuing privacy or maintaining a low profile. Effortlessly slip it into your pocket, bag, or purse, all without attracting any undue attention. Embrace the covert convenience for your smoking needs.

Durable Design

The PuffBuddy™ Pro stands as a testament to unrivaled durability and quality. This compact device is expertly crafted with enduring materials, with each lighter meticulously made from stainless steel specifically selected to endure the rigors of constant use. You can rest assured that this trusty companion will remain reliable and long-lasting throughout your smoking journeys, accompanying you on countless memorable moments.


Each PuffBuddy™ Pro comes with a pipe screen installed as well as two replacements, a cleaning brush, and a mouthpiece cleaner. There is also an adjustable flame dial and butane refilling hole.

*DISCLAIMER: Lighter does NOT come filled with butane!

*Must be 18+ years of age (for tobacco use only).